As my age adds up

As my age adds up


As my age adds up

I am so amazed with the form of the clouds I took from Tagaytay Royale,  the shades of the clouds became orange but as I was watching across it is totally white as in plain white. As my age adds up I began loving different things back to my original love, I remember when I was a kid, I dream to become a journalist, photographer, writer as a  kid we usually develops a lot of likes and that was me…that’s why today as have chance to take a picture of nature, a tree, the clouds, the sky, the stone whatever subject I found, it makes as a very interesting  subject.And I  make it a point that I have a beautiful write ups in my mind afterwards. In my own little way, I can express deep feelings in me for my family and for the world who cares for me.


I love watching you, because you make my mini-magination complete,

all my day dreaming become possible and it helps me assuage my fears,

because of your feature above, i feel that God is just around for me

as i always say and i always will, God never stops looking at me.

by the Glory of God i praise,

by the clouds in the sky i taste

i taste the sunset very sweet and calm

calm like the winds that blows in my hair

every time im on deep imagination…


To see the sunset in this place visit Royale Tagaytay Country Club, Inc at for reservation and other inquiries.

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