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I took this photo over the net, i was searching for a write ups regarding peace. love and happiness when finally this picture caught my attention, it is so simple expressing those three words in my mind. Right now, i am not happy maybe because there are things came my way that i do not expected… But come to think of it, I should still happy  because God is giving a good luck to me everyday.

 Last Wednesday, November 9, 2011 I am so upset with my daughter’s teacher, I feel bad that these things happened, and being a mother it is a natural reaction but when i talk to her teacher I understand her point and I thank God that I manage to be calm and do it in professional way. It is really unbelievable but I never wanted to be in her school all the time; because i want her to be independent. I want her to become stiff, strong and to experience what our real world has. To feel the fear and pain of rejection, in that way she will realize and understand in the future why things happened but because I am a mother who afraid that she become devastated and her eagerness to learned fades away,that’s why I help her out. I hope it’s alright as I do not experience in my life that my mother visits me in School to talk with my teachers because of my problems, during elementary days, I do not have a voice to express what I feel.Unlike today that childrens are free to express their feelings. And because of my color (kayumaggi), i experience to be discriminated by fellow students and that is the things that I do not want my daughters to experience but on the other side of my mind it could not be. The reality is reality and whether I like it or not there would be problems coming on her way which i do not foresee… Gosh, i pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that He holds and touch my childs future, I know it could not be perfect but I do hope that they could be intelligent enough to do something about their problems, give them purity in the heart, strong attitude and goodwill to obey God words at all times.

It might be sounds  impossible but if I could only prepare my childrens future I want to do so. But again as what the bible says Mateo 6:34 ” Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

With these beautiful verses from Mateo, i will leave it up to you again, if you are a mom like me. Admit it or not, we should surrender all our worries to HIM. As He knows better what to do in our problems. Right now there is really disappointments in my heart because of so many things in my life, career, future, money, etc. But i realized while doing this write ups for today that even if there’s a lot of destructions on my life God manage to insert Him on my daily tasks. I am not perfect and I am always looking for something better but I do hope and pray that time will come that God really stays with me in every seconds of my Life so i will always be on the good side of track…

GOD please come to my way all the time,

I pray for my boss, my colleagues, my friends and my enemies,

I do hopes that there would also be peace, love and happiness in their hearts, right now I am in the stage of getting into it. And I always hopes for the BEST.


God bless..



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