Christmas Season….

I love Christmas why? gives me an energy to be pro active and use my imagination for special gifts to special people in my life. Here in the Philippines, we really care about gift giving, and the spirit of Christmas is all over the country despite of problems etc…

My kids they believe in Santa Claus and as early as November SOCKS place on the Christmas and Santa give gift to them everyday until Christmas…funny but as long as my kids have fun at least they experience being kid so well. By the way here are the tips for Chrstmas gift giving…

  1. Avoid last minute shopping.
  2. Make a list of what to buy for him, for her etc.
  3. List of favorites and most requested gift
  4. Go to Bazaar and tiangge and buy in bulk
  5. For ninangs and ninongs, buy them something they will use.
  6. And lastly accept gift whatever it is, be thankful for everything that came in to your doorstep.
  7. Do not recycle a Gift, it might goes back to the sender…



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