A Cool Mom on the Block

I am happy to see my site statiscs, this means that there are readers of my creation. Thank you for paying attention on my write ups. And today, I want to share a few experiences and tips of a cool mother.I see myself as a straight forward mother before, personally speaking I am a strict momsy. I want  them to know how to follow my instructions properly even it was for a small things; I still manage them to understand the importance of doing things appropriately cause in time they will be facing the world alone by themselves.

 In the Phillippines, families are united to each other, a problem of  a kid is a problem of the whole and a problem of the parents is also a problem of the childrens. As much as possible i want to take a risk to do this less, I do not mean, I don’t care about my parents nor my children but come to think of it, it only shows  that you are independent, and that is a Big factor to any human being.
Being a cool mother does not mean that you should be sweet all the time but proper balance of treatment.My kids are seven (7) years old below and both of them wants to stay on my side during bedtime, and of course the dad gets mad. () But this is primarily because being a career woman I spend most of my days in the office and bedtime is the only time for our bonding. During my REST DAY i see to it that I cook something for them or we have a project to do which will help them to conquer one’s fear that will lead to their social, emotional, mental developments.
Here are some helpful guide to be a COOL MOTHER without hurting your kids:
1. Show them you care.Caring does not simply means CLOTHES, FOOD and SHELTER. As a mother we always discussing this issue like what ive said I am in the house usually in the evening and once a week. The rest of the days and rest of the week I am working, normally i stay at work 9-10 hours a day, my children oftenly asks me every morning if I will go to my office and when I said yes i saw sadness in their face . Because I am observant to her actions during my rest day I find time to have a quality BONDING time with “them”. Kids feel happy with material things but much more with ATTENTION.

2. Consider your children in decision making. Parents decide without asking childrens on what they wants especially when we choose a clothes or a food or simply a place of parents work. According to a TV show in the Phils who tackles about families… kids should asks or consider their comments and suggestions. Most childrens today are intelligent enough to analyze a situation. Like for example a FOOD, we usually categorize our kids as CHOOSY if they does not like the food but come to think of it who among adults eat the food they never like. (none) Another thing if the parents work abroad; if the children left behind with relatives to earn a living normally the childrens became a totally different person, and most of them use a reasoning because they were left behind.

3. Set a Good Example. If you say so, mean it. Childrens is like a tape recorder. Do good deeds and they will follow. Do bad things and they will do. But letting them know the difference of Good and Bad at the early age soon they will realize which is which and which is not.

4. Boost your child confidence.  By showing your support in the school activity or a simple wish.
So far here is my tips to the mother out there. If you could add more better, you may email me at mhaal_258@yahoo.com.ph .
Happy reading every one….


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