Happiness for me is not just about having a lot of money, having a lot of material things but of course having a lot of friends to be with, healthy family, and giving extra care for every commitment. Like in my previous post I wrote about.. a new business..meeting new friends, meeting new guests, exceeding expectations and of course above everything knowing what my LIFE is all about.

I thank GOD that I have my sister Lea, my families…my husband and my kids..I really appreciate having a decent job despite of everything happen to me everyday..

I apologize to all the people that I hurt unintentionally and intentionally, I do not mean to harsh you nor to give a bad luck to you. But I want you to know that this is me. I really took a hard time working out to change for the better especially my attitude towards others and Im still on the process of moving on…

I am happy today despite that there are ungrateful people who never appreciate me..:)


God Bless readers…


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