Its all about Nature


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been so busy for a while and did not provide any article for my readers. I truly amazed with the pictures I took inside my workplace. I do it after a wedding ceremony I attended and so happen that the camera is on my custody right after… Ever since I love photography and all my friends knows that my favorite subject is nATURE… I would like to vist a mountain, river, virgin forest and a series of different clouds in the sky because i want to take pictures of them…

It makes me feel relax and the mysterious meaning of something make sense of my weird opinion in life…No one understand what I was doing right now, even my husband but on my simple thoughts and humble opinion I do the best that I can to help a living for my family… I wrote an article just a hobby, something i want to do eversince..originally I am a story writer who writes a love story but today I prefer writing about something…

Like the photos above…It was a sad photos of the clouds which emphasize sadness maybe because in my place supposedly this is summertime but because of what we called a climate change summer becomes rainy day, the fruit bearing garnish we call it golden shower it was very nice, especially if this design to table floral centerpiece this looks very elegant…the irish plant we also use the leaves of an irish plant in a table arrangement and this is very sophisticated in the table if properly arranged…there are arucaria in photos as I miss the place I used to work before where simple tasks where assign for me yet very supervisory…

Everything around me is meaningful and every day for me is so amazing because i was able to come up with this and an idea to share beautiful things as this is an accomplishment… Again being in natuire is so good as this naturally help everyone be relax and enjoy the day….


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