nothing is impossible with GOD

purposely i have to write this feelings I have….I never imagine myself being touch by a movie or a film though i have notice it in myself that  my emotions is big….bigger than me… Last Monday I attended a centering for the group I belong to…I started seeing them since February 15, 2012 to be exact…it’s a network marketing group….Of course all motivation is being offered and being discuss same way with my earlier groups… Before I feel annoyed in some member of the groups as if Like what I shared during the sharing section which makes my emotion blast… …let me clear the story so every one can relate…here it is…

We watch a movie with terrific deepest meaning to all walks of life… it’s a Christian movie who defines FAITH with in you… My attention, my heart, my faith was being touch by that  movie, actually i am not sure if I can share the movie title but whatever it is…total reaction it was good, it’s awesome. The story of that coach is similar to my story, I become  a complainer from the start of my career, …but after watching that movie I am not so sure what was opened in my mind after the movie but one thing I am very sure of is It helps me to discover my  FAITH to become bigger and better…

Like what has said with this verse Mathew 6:33  but seek first for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you…

I urge every one to believe in your Faith, trust GOD and never surrender in every obstacles…Ask yourself with in you and write it in a piece of paper…What is my purpose in my life? Why I am doing this?

Me, my purpose in writing  is to become a living instrument of Good will. I know it is difficult to spread the Good news but I believe that Nothing is impossible with GOD. Right now I am not sure how to start writing about Good things but I will try my best to become a powerful instrument being a Good Samaritan to everyone…

By the way right after posting my review about the movie I realize to search it from Google and the film has been show up since 2006, well I will show the title of the movie, you better watch this, it’s a good movie and very suitable for everyone. The title of the movie is “Facing the Giants“. I hope you feel the way I feel right after watching it, I am also looking for more similar movies not just to motivate myself but also to improve my beliefs and share more….

Quoted from the movie (Grant Taylor the coach)

“You can’t judge people by their actions, and yourself by your intentions. It doesn’t work that way”.


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