Contenment and Faith

One thing I realize today is how to be contented on God’s blessing… oftenly people tend to ask God why is this happen and why this things are happening?

Basically the answer would be because, God always gave us a problem that he knows we can make it…. It’s part of the test of faith how long can you do it…In everything we do, honor him… Read the bible and focus…Trust HIM…

Earlier I attended a mass in Chapel on the Hill the homily is about Jesus who rise again since today is the 2nd week of Easter. Where Jesus appeared from Maria Magdalena…As the priests says we worship God and Honor him despite we did not actually see Him but our Faith is enough. Like what was being disscuss in the Bible.

Again, I am now in the process of learning the Bible and on my humble opinion we need to be faithfully incline in the WOrds of God, understand it and apply it in general because not everyone who calls God will enter in the Kingdom of God….


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