Our trip to Calaca Batangas

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A Good Day with Koreans

Good morning people…I been talking a lot of English since Monday…why? because we have a Korean students (summer camp) who will stay here for one month. The purpose of the Camp is to study English Language. Aside from that one month Korean English students we also have a Korean trainee who will be with us for 5 weeks so it’s the same huh! My nose bleed so deeply. Here in the Philippines English is the second language so normally we speak Tagalog with each other but now that students are here who study language well all of us needs to adjust. It’s another FAITH testing where in fact the quality of education Filipino gave to them is excellent…why? because a lot of Filipinos are capabale of teaching them ENGLISH language…

meeting friends “korean” friends is nice and I am very flattered to speak up or make a short talk with them…and if we understand each other…this is really excellent…:) Like my teacher said “Practice makes perfect” so I better study different languages from time to time and be confident in delivering expressions…because of my Faith I know I can do it… God Bless and happy reading everyone

Another FAITH story

Hey everyone, did you miss me… Well I pick up myself from all the busy stuff I did in the past months. ACtually my faith tested me…though I am still undecided but there are greater feeling with in me that I would like to and share with you my dear readers….

Not so sure if everyone can relate to me but one thing I can assure you is, this could help you, whatever fields you are right now trust me…this could work to all of us…

1. God tested our faith silently, He give us trials…not to feel dismay but to become stronger. This happens when we are facing a problem, whether it’s personal, career or even spiritual or emotional, still it’s a TEST God is looking on us everytime we cross a different path. We should try harder.
2. God never leave us behind, he patiently wait us… Whenever we are sad or experiencing difficult problem never hesitate to call HIM because HE never leaves us behind…