Tour somewhere at the South

Luckily I have a chance to make a short tour in Calatagan, Batangas. Just for fun my family and I visited a relative in Calatagan, Batangas yesterday August 21, 2012. While our vehicle is moving I am trying to capture every single scene I pass by, my favorite subject is the sky and a little about greenery and fields. As it really feels out of stress, something like very stress free scenery and worry free places I have ever visit. Plus that I am thinking that God is watching over me. Here are some of the photos that I got during our trip. Most pictures has been attached to my Facebook account and I think this is more right.

But for my readers who really read what is my blog all about. Well, basically I capture this pictures because I want to share a faith in my heart that despite of difficulties I meet everyday, there’s always a reason to smile about. The lush greens that I saw during our trip. The great sky and colorful sunset who urge me to smile though he sets down. The cow eating along the grass and streams. Who reminds me that I also have a right to do what is best for me and for my career, who define FREEDOM of expressions in my mind. Why? Because literally the cow does not care who owns the lot, their concern is just to eat, so why must I feel ashamed in every single problem I meet, I will think like a cow…hahaha… I only care for the positive side of LIFE, no need to entertain the bad side of it, all things will come along and so be it…

On my humble opinion this small things that I experience means a lot to me. Plus that I take the trip with my family.How I wish I have a DSLR Camera with me, I can shoot photos better, soon…

Happy reading folks and thank you for paying attention on my write ups…


2 thoughts on “Tour somewhere at the South

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