A Decision to make

Last Saturday I receive a call from overseas employment which shook my head and show my smiles every little seconds of the day.I am very very excited to know that someone has been interested with my qualifications.

Over a skype she ask a few questions and I feel easy talking to the interviewer, then i found out that she is the General Manager of the Hotel. My excitement boom when she shown interests on my credentials. Which push me to be polite and very honest. And out of confusion I ask If I am hired already but she laugh and told me that she will decide in a weeks time.Meaning I have to wait for the result up to next week. I check online the name of the Hotel as well as nearby hotels and its a bit interesting though I feel scaredknowing that if I get hired I will be away from my children.

Luckily I have to ask my siblings, my husband a friend advise. And everyone has the same answer towards my question. Pray and ask for guidance, if this is God’s will then GO. Write the pros and cons and decide once you are Hired. But for now, I pray hard, I examine myself if I can do it. This is the biggest decision I have to make ever.

Of course to justify myself here are my reasons why I want to grab this opportunity:
1. To give a better life for my family because i have a higher income.
2. To gain capital for a dream of business (me and my husband), in other words i have no plan of working there for long years.
3. Other options is to gain income for a possible migration which allow my kids to study abroad. To change my children lives.
4. For career advancement and knowing other culture, work with foreigners is one way or the other as exposure to new things and different culture will enhance my knowledge and abilities in the Hotel so when I migrate or stay in the Phils I have something better to deal with.
5. To establish our house, to built it.
6. To be socially carry out something to be proud of but still care for the Love of God.
7. To help others who are needy, or to teach other people reach their dreams
8. To help my family, my siblings who are needy
9. To be different person
10. To discover something better

But here are the reasons why I need to think it twice…
1. I will miss my children
2. No one is available to teach them assignments otherwise hire a tutor.
3. Homesick
4. I can’t witness each day they grow and improve
5. There would be attitude problem with my childrens.
6. Possibility of marriage trouble if miunderstood
7. Fear of failure and culture shock

My most concerns is my children because they are the reason why I wanted to earn better. Though on the side of my heart I know that even if I stay I can manage to send my children in a good school. I can manage to live better and earn better as long as I have bigger Faith and a system to follow, I could reach my goal slowly but surely. With this thinking please help me God. I do not want to think only of myself because the answer lies in you. I would take a risk for a better cause but if ever this will be given to me wholeheartedly then show me a sign, something like a light in my dreams or whatever. Please help me God for this BIG decision.

* September 18, 2013
As I read it again this is about a year ago, I decided not to push through this Job for some valid reasons and I think God does not allow me to go.


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