News of 2013

I wasn’t able to write anything at the first quarter of 2013, due to my super busy schedule. As a Sales and Marketing Team head, i need to make sure that everything in the workplace is A ok. Early days of January the company that I am engaged with is fully booked with Korean pupils. They were here to study English and Math. 26 days reservation with our regular Korean client sponsored by one of our members. Aside from that we also have some weddings, though the cost is not much to them since we are a COUNTRY CLUB, we make sure that every event we   handle is memorable one.

But of course life would not be exciting and colorful if there is no trials involve along the way. Of course, there is, it’s part of our daily life, though we sail the boat easily and smoothly with the help of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

My family is always there beside me to support me in everything I do, I decide especially my husband, my kids and my sister Leah. and my friend Ms. Divine. 🙂 of course my mother in law who take care of my children when we are not around.

Happiness, Loneliness, different kind of ness…. It doesn’t matter. Because for me, this things is just a piece of SOMETHING, it’s not as big as God sacrifices when He save us from sin. And God never gives a trials that we cannot longer deal with.

Here are some of my Early quarter photos that you guys can enjoy. Life is beautiful. Enjoy, live with it and Read your Bible.Image

Photos Imageare taken throuImagegh Imagesmartphones and it’s not photo shop this is the original quality of the phone, real camera pictures and real situations, real colors. 🙂 And because of this my life bring inspirations to me over and over again. Beautiful. (Sebilisima!)ImageImageImage