What is our Purpose?

Ever since I love writing. And this is the reason I was able to create this blog site. But then after opening my hearts through Jesus Christ I understand what is the essence of writing. Before I could only write a blog when I feel lonely, when i feel sad if some one hurts me and I want to write something for them. But now that I found out that learning the acts of a good Christian is not by fighting through God words but a will to share the goodness of the Lord. Before anything else, I would like to seek God’s permission for this:

Dear God;

Heavenly Father, allow me to share your WORD to all my readers, may this blog site become a tool for them to know you better, not to study your life but to accept you in their life, open their hearts and live according to your purpose. May the Holy Spirit guides me in writing, and I could write according to your will and purpose. May you bless each reader and may this blog encourage them to read and open their Bible in that way, they could understand the manual of our Life. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

Two nights ago, I browse the book written by Rick Warren titled The Purpose Driven Life, I discover something which is true, there are lots of inspirational and motivational books that out in the market that uses God’s word for self visualization but the purpose is not to create a good relationship to God. Of course I am not against on what they written it is up to the reader whom they believe because God gave us a power to understand each word written in every book. But come to think of it, if the motivational books, inspirational books has come from the Bible I mean excerpted from the Bible then it is GOOD and NICE to know and understand, how? if we read on our BIBLE….

* Wait, i don’t want my readers to feel confuse Rick Warren is one of my inspiration why I write this topic today.

The purpose of living on Earth is not by personal pleasure but for the purpose of God. We cannot understand what is God purpose if we do not read the Manual. The life that we have today is not ours, even this world is not ours. And our Manual is the BIBLE. This is our compass, our route map…

As of today I am still reading the Gospel of John,i do not have a lot to share so far but this: John 1:12.

12 Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God—

~~~: Believe Jesus Christ as the son of God, not just plain believe but live like Jesus Christ. Accept him in your life and live according to God’s purpose. In a way, nobody knows what his purpose but make each day, each life dedicated to HIM. Always be humble…

Increase your Faith and make yourself Holy not in front of other people but in front of God, do not seek other’s approval in your life but only God’s approval. We do not know when He is coming but at least make our selves ready when He comes, because He will come like a theft in the night that nobody knows.

Remember this: Our life purpose is to please God and not anybody else.We may need money to live here on Earth but do not dwell with it too much. Learn to live a simple life and increase your treasure in Heaven. FOr in Heaven we can’t bring anything…

* for your deep understanding READ YOUR BIBLE. Increase every little Faith that you have and pray not only for yourself but for the WORLD.



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