Be Happy with the Lord!!!

Today is my first time to attend a real Church Fellowship. Its nice, its fun, happy and I feel blessed though i wasn’t able to finish the awarding of certificate to kids who attended the camp. I get the message Pastor Helen read and share to us:
Philippians 4:4
4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!292339_10151204504139665_1596912835_n[1]

* We should be happy actually very happy with the Lord. Always choose happiness over anything else. Some people differentiate happiness on the other way around (like gambling, drinking, partying etc.)but this is not only a simple happiness but REJOICE unto the Lord.Rejoice in the sense that we are happy even we do not have anything, we are happy even if we have problems, as long as God is the Center of our Life, have Faith and Believe that Jesus Christ is our Saviour. In which Pablo encourage the Philippians to rejoice because God is coming. Instead to feel dismay on the mistake of other people bring it up to the Lord and pray. For God listen and He knows what to do with your burdens, in that way you feel at ease in a way that you did not commit a mistake. When Pablo write this letter or message he is a prisoner but He never felt dismay or hopeless because he believe Jesus Christ is with Him that God guide him. In other words, like Pablo we choose happiness over misery even if we have big burdens in our Heart. It’s really difficult at first but we could learned it overtime, over and over and over I say it to you read your Bible. Pray and ask the guide of the Holy Spirit, in that way you can easily understand the meaning of every parables in there. Before I just read on it but a friend(Mons) of mine told me to pray first before reading every verses in the Bible and it really works that slowly I understand. Thanks to you…:) And with this I am happy to grow with what I have now, my Faith which I share to you readers. I am not fully change but I REJOICE and choose happiness, choose the good side over and over….

* Thank you to Myralyn for allowing me to visit their Church. May you continue to grow in Spirit and Blessed with the Lord through Jesus Christ. A real happiness that no need to purchase nor demand nor exchange is a happiness with the Lord Jesus Christ…

In Jesus Name!!! Amen!!!


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