Do not let go of the HOPE and FAITH that we Have!

Seriously I feel sad whenever calamity is happening in our Country. I still believe that Filipinos are kind and hospitable, of course i don’t want to comment on what they believe in but rather I want to share the HOPE and FAITH that always present or better said as MUST ALWAYS BE PRESENT.

Like what Satan tease with Job, just to test His Loyalty and Faith with our Almighty God. (Read JOB) But Light always WINS over DARKNESS. Despite of losing HIS FAMILY, the Faith stays in Job’s Heart. Same thing with Daniel, he continue to grow His Faith over the tests including His friends.

What i want to share is DESPITE OF SUFFERINGS OVER TRAGEDY AND CALAMITIES especially on affected areas and affected families who losts their wealth or maybe even the life of a family is to continue to have Faith with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Continue to pray and do not give up.mattew

Continue to worship God in Spirit and in Truth…
In the name of our Almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ our Savior…
Accept, Believe and Confess..


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