What life could bring?

I often believe that LIFE should be given an ample attention. Why? Because our life is not ours, Jesus lend this life to us, we should learn to grow and set as a good example to everyone as much as possible. I am happy that even I do not have everything in life, God gave me a family who loves me for what I am, though we are not a perfect family at least I know how important they are to me.

Before having my family or even after in the process of building our own; I usually have sentiments in my mind and I have a lot of why’s in LIFE then recently I met a supplier who is very successful in her chosen life, during our small conversation I opened up to her that I do not want to become an employee all my life, because personally I want to build my business and grow it alone with family, and I am sharing it to her to think that we are not really friends because on my opinion even if I work hard, the money that I give to the company I work for will never goes to my pocket then she replied laughing…”you know what sometimes you should be contented, a person who had less complaint in life are fortunate but look those who had a lot of complaints in life they are unsuccessful”. I smile back and think it twice until she left me. I think she was right. Suddenly I realize how many sufferings I have been because of my attitude, I often tired of waiting, in career…i never have contentment, I want everything in one snap….

Maybe some of you would think why I was  telling all of this, because I am pretty sure that in this world an attitude like mine is everywhere.I want those people  to realize what is possible,the idea that even I work hard I will not get as much money as I would be true but if you give your money a good approach approach I think everyone could be successful. I would like to share this and I am hoping that I can apply it to my real LIFE soon, here’s a simple TIPS How can a person like me could reach his/her potential:

  1.  SPEND WISELY AND GIVE WHAT IS NECESSARY TO THE LORD. A real spender person meaning she/he buys what she wants without hesitation..something like who cares…then after losing all hard-earned money she put the blame on her workplace, the people around her etc…., we must not forget to give in return to the Creator of everything, to God…
  2. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEND. Do not go for shopping especially after payday, instead open an account. And get at least 10% of your earnings every payday, this will initially answer on your plans for your family, and the other 10% for tithes.
  3. LEARN TO KNOW YOUR PRIORITIES. Make a list of stuff you need for grocery, do not buy things that is un important to you. You should check all your priorities and learn to become an effective budget setter.
  4. MAKE A LIST OF YOUR INCOME AND EXPENSE. Make a list of your income and cost, review it every month and compare how much you save.
  5. DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN YOUR INCOME. This is usually happen when you have a credit card. Cut it all. And never get much money thru loans. Most employees tends to deep debts because of higher interest.

I am among those employees, that’s the reason even 10 years of working I am still looking for something BIG but today I realize that patience would be an answer for now, go in the business when you are ready, you can do the business on the side but do it in a traditional way, don’t take a risk when you are unsure.  And be happy despite of depressions about MONEY.

What life could bring to us if we are not happy and contented on what we have?The answer for this is not having lot of Money, but having God in our Heart and Accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior…

DEFINITELY Empty life, GREEDY and I do not want to dwell with that….

What life could bring me now? A happy normal life of a normal citizen…Now, i would like to follow what is necessary and acceptable to Him. (God our Father through Lord Jesus Christ).


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